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Q. How do I enroll for a Life or Non-Life Insurance course?
You should be sponsored by an insurance company and having eligibility as specified by the Authority(IRDA) from time to time, only can go through the course.The course duration would be 25 / 50 Hours.
Q. Where can I find a list of available courses?
A list of Life or Non-Life Insurance courses offered is available in the Course Catalogue. You can access this section by clicking on the Course Catalogue on the site menu links provided on the top of the screen or click here to go directly to the Course Catalogue.
Q. What is the examination procedure?
After the completion of the course a certificate is issued to the candidate and on the basis of that sponsoring company makes necessary arrangements for the candidate to appear in an examination which is either online / offline.
Q. Step's to proceed With the Course

Step 1) Open Internet Explorer go to the Address bar and type the Address as follows:- www.schoolofinsurance.in & Press Enter

Step 2) Enter your User Id and Password (as Given to u Earlier) in the Student Login box as Login Id and Password provided on the right hand side of the page

Step 3) Click on the Login Button as to continue further.

Step 4) In the Course List window Click on the "UNITS" to access the course.

Step 5) Click on the Lesson and Topic to view the course.

Step 6) The topics content are displayed on the New Page.

Step 7) Click on the Next Button to move forward.

Step 8) Click on the UNITS to return back to the course.

Step 9) Click on the "Progress Button" in the "MAIN MENU" to view the progress.

Step 10) Click on the "Feedback Button" to give your feedback about the course.

Step 11) Click on Logout Button on upper right corner of the page to log off the course.

Step 12) Your have to Logout Button for every session you Login.

Step 13) At the end of each module there is a Mastery Test for self assessment.

Step 14) There is a "Sample Test Paper" after the entire course is done.

Step 15) Time spent on "Mastery Test Module" and "Samples Question Papers" will not be counted.

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